Simply Clean Service - This is a basic service recommended for homes that are well maintained; usually consistent with newer homes or homes that have been regularly cleaned by another agency. It includes cleaning of all bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, family room, den/office, dining room, laundry room, halls/stairs, and entry.Click Here to See Full Cleaning List

Deep Clean Service - This service is appropriate for homes that require additional attention. It offers all of the Simply Clean services and includes more detailed services; such as polishing of all stainless steel, plumbing fixtures and wood furniture, and deodorizing or air freshening with a fragrance of your choice.

Move-In/Out Service - Perfect for real estate agents, property owners, or tenants moving in or out of a residence This service is similar to the Deep Clean Service, but also includes the disinfecting of all empty drawers/cabinets and carpet cleaning for the entire house.

New Construction/Model Home Service - We offer detailed cleaning services to assist builders in the preparation of newly constructed or renovated homes for sale.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning - Simply Clean offers extraction services that can remove stubborn stains, sanitize and help revive your carpet or upholstery's appearance and freshness. Our cleaning services also deliver fast drying times; which allows you to return to your normal use of the area more quickly.

Floor Maintenance/Restoration - Simply Clean offers a variety of ways to preserve and/or restore the beauty of your home, office or facility floors. We can "simply clean" or completely revitalize your floors to a beautiful finish.

Pressure Washing - With our pressure washing services; Simply Clean can provide seasonal dirt and grime removal from areas such as exterior windows, patios, decks, driveways, walkways, garages, and more.

Bathroom Maintenance - A clean and sanitary bathroom can help prevent the spread of germs and assist in promoting good health in your home, office or facility. As such, Simply Clean is very detail-oriented in cleaning, disinfecting and refreshing these sensitive areas.

Waste Collection and Disposal - The delay of waste removal can cause unwanted pests and other nuisances. Simply Clean will ensure your domestic waste is promptly removed from the premises and properly disposed of. We take great care in cleaning and sanitizing the waste receptacles; as well as replacing the liners within them, to prolong freshness. We also encourage our clients to become green partners by offering an array of receptacles for their recyclable materials.

Soap, Sanitizers and Paper Goods - Simply Clean also provides a variety of resolutions to your office, home or facility’s hand cleaning/sanitizing and paper product needs. In addition to promoting good health, we can offer portion control measures as a way of encouraging cost effectiveness for our clients.

Deodorizing/Air Freshening - At Simply Clean, we understand certain spaces can be subject to the accumulation of odors. As a result, we offer several types of odor removal and air freshening solutions. From simple odor neutralizing, to the application of floral, fruit, or other contemporary fragrances; we can accommodate many of your needs and preferences.

Green Cleaning Solutions - Simply Clean takes many steps to operate as a Green Business by promoting wellness, while reducing the impact to our environment. We offer bio-based chemicals and other low-impact products with more environmentally preferable profiles. We also utilize equipment; including HEPA vacuums and carpet extractors, which are Green-Labeled and certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute. From eco-friendly products, to the use of recycled materials; Simply Clean offers an array of Green Cleaning alternatives and continually looks for ways to be more environmentally responsible.